Work with me

Let’s collaborate! If you have a fun, creative campaign that you think would be a great fit for my site, I’d love to hear about it. Here are some ideas of how we can partner together.

  • Blog Competition
  • Affiliate
  • Sponsored posts
  • Ambassadorships
  • Giveaways
  • Instagram campaigns
  • Facebook campaigns
  • Twitter campaigns
  • etc

Please email me at to request my media kit and discuss the opportunity you had in mind. I look forward to hearing from you!



15 thoughts on “Work with me

    1. rewinnita Post author

      haha, panggil Ita jg boleh.. Salam Kenal Juga Mak Rini yah…thanks udh mampir… btw, blog nya mak keren! aku suka tulisan tntng KPR itu lhoh.. :))


  1. Lindha Oktavia

    mbk punya no hp atu pin bb dr wigih wuryaningrum ga?? saya pengen coba perawatan di tempat praktekny di ruko tropodo ..


  2. nanda

    “buk booooiiiii”
    buk == cewek, tampang lumayan manis
    boooooiiiii == gayanya kaya cowok, cuek + tomboiii gak karu2an

    jadinya klo liat ma mas BONInya kaya masnya yang cewek dianya yang cowok…

    pertahankan buk boooiiii… BE UR SELF… ^___^b



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