This is the best ever part of my life.

My Family


My Husband





my mate since 12 years ago

my partner in crime!


we are bolang. bocah lalu lalang.


with My Bos

with My Bos at Jatis Mobile


friend never end

friend never end


we are young

we are young


we are team

we are team


we are friends

we are friend w/ D4 Telekomunikasi A, ak.2007.


we are fun

we are fun w/ DetEksi Jawa Pos



i’m nothing without you



i’m not crazy without you


I'm can't be in here without you

Be strong with you


and you

and you


keep on touch

keep in touch


thanks all!

thanks all!





One thought on “Gallery

  1. nanda

    sukaaaa deh baca curhatannya buk boiii yang satu ini…
    banyak cerita…
    banyak inspirasi…
    banyak energi…
    dan satu lagi yakni SEMANGAT nya ….

    kerennnn…. lanjutkan buk booooiiiiii…. like it… ^____^b



Terimakasih sudah membaca.... ^_^

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