what makes life so tough and so wonderful

We SPEAK SO MUCH of wanting to find ourselves, but FORGET
that something CANNOT BE FOUND until it is LOST FIRST.
So, when you’re out there trying to figure yourself out (which, mind you, is a lifelong journey),
understand that you will lose yourself and find yourself time and time again,
and THAT is what makes life so tough and so wonderful, all at the same time.
Throughout this journey,
remember God and remember your blessings,
and you’ll find a smile in evening the gloomiest of places.”
-Nadir Keval

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Hi! Welcome to my world! I'm a wife , mother of a son, and a business leader in my 30’s and loving it! I am on a journey to be the best I can be…now, tomorrow, and every day in between. What we do today and choices we make affect our tomorrows. Come join me on this journey! Rewinnita Maretnoningtyas

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