Wuahahaha…. bukan barang baru, tapi karena saya cupu, jadinya terlihat wauuuww. Doktrin dari orang-orang, WAP itu semacam web yang ditaruh di handset mobile. Kalo website kan dibuka di PC, kalo WAP dibuka di handphone. Ya.. ya… saya sudah dengar itu, dari jaman handphone muncul dengan fitur browser nyahh…

Yaa… untuk bodo-bodo an nya, bener sih. Tapi biar nggak bodo-bodo in & malu-maluin, marilah pelajari konsepnya lebih (agak) jauh lagi.  Tadi, gugling-gugling di Mbah Gugle, dapet deh definisi dari WAP yang bener.

Technical standard for accessing information over a mobile wireless network. Synergy of internet and mobile application

Dari definisi itu, sudah terlihat bahwa WAP merupakan teknologi reuse yang digunakan dengan mengadaptasi dari konsep internet yang ada sekarang. Bedanya, dengan WAP ini kita bisa mengakses internet dari handphone. Dengan kapasitas , tampilan, dan teks yang sudah disesuaikan display handphone. CPU PC dengan CPU handphone pasti beda dong. Dengan handset semungil itu, kalau dipaksa untuk mengakses data sebesar di website kan kasian handphone nya.

· User: Synergy of internet and mobile application.
· Manufactures: Wap also help to wap devices manufactures. Wap have different supporting micro browsers such blazer and embider and wap, OS like symbian, palm operating system.
· Developer: Wap allows developers to create application with extra feature and enlarge the value of application for end of users that allowed be work across the different types of devices network browsers gateways.
· Service provider: Wap services provide also pitfall by encouraging their customer’s base to use wap devices and provide support of wap gateway themselves. Large numbers of application are available in the internet to the customers. Services providers control the wap gateway and they can control the home pages of their own sites. Wap users can access wireless sites with service provides sites also.
· End users: End of user probably get different classes of wap uses. Customers can be accesses the web through the html-wml must of the application are used for the customers or end users. End user only access with wap supporting devices.
· Efficiency: Wap is a more efficient when client is enable and server information can be exchange using transfer the data wap protocol more efficient than http or TCP/IP.
· dynamic behavior: the wap client is coded special language which is know as wml(wireless markup language)that work on script languages sometimes dynamically change in wap browsers.

· small screen: In the web phones, there an small viewing area.
· Price: Many technologies have put limitation. The display was decanted in the devices. It is expensive.
· Speed of access: All the devices are low access.
· Lack of user habit: User or customer did not get idea and protocol yet. Users blindly hang in the net gust typing putting address in the sites.
· It did provides packet base service for longtime.
· Devices size is limited.
· Bandwidth is low of devices.
· It is hard kept the phones up to date with new wap service.

Feature of wap:-
Many limitations are there comparing to mobile network to fixed network .mobile network also provide unique feature like position or location of the device. It supports this kind of features of positing and personalization. Wap language is support to the user profile which contains information on the user preference. Wireless telephony application is provided by telephony integration or WTA. so that easy to call in any wap application make call to call number from the application rather than exit the application and insert the telephone number in there.

sumber : disini

Therefore, WAP has so many new possibilities for WAP application developers and WAP users. There are some useful features introduced into new version of WAP standard that have not been implemented in previous version. The most common features are as follows:-
1. Location Information Services [LIS]
2. Push Technology

1. Location Information Services:-
LIS is a technology that provides information about physical location of mobile. Most of the network operators are already using the concept of Cellular Location Information System that is more or less similar to LIS. But LIS will probably be the important feature for consumer-friendly WAP applications such as location finder. LIS will be available directly to the developers through WAP browser.
A huge number of possibilities exist for this feature. For example, ‘find me the nearest hospital’ to ‘call me a cab’ , are location-based services. User will be able to avail this service2
without sending information about the existing location to the service provider. The WAP devices will pass users location to the server so that the service providers will send processed information back to the users.

2. Push Technology:-
Another feature of the WAP is push technology. WAP Push technology will allow application developers to create new interactive application and improve the usability of existing application. Based on open standards, WAP Push technology introduced a new set of principle that enhance usability, enable secure transmission of data and allows fine control of content delivery and user interaction.
These new feature will help to increase usage of the mobile Internet and it will also provide more opportunities for content developers to create innovative applications.
3. Other Technologies:-
More development in WAP technology is taking place in labs such as Voice Browsing and Streaming Video Support for the 3G networks. In WAP service areas. Nextel has announced Nextel Online, AT & T Wireless will relunch Pocket Net. Wireless vendors are also developing environment for 3G high-bandwidth systems such as Universal Mobiles Telecommunications System, that represents an evolution in terms of data transfer speeds over network, and mobile-IP service that allows user to attach with any wireless service. WAP vendors are also working on three dimension color graphics, animation, big file downloading, location-smart services, streaming media and data synchronization technology.

Sumber : disini

Hahahah.. jadi copy paste daahhh…. maap yess… ini daam rangka mengumpulkan keterbatasan-keterbatasan dari penggunaan WAP.

Keterbatasan WAP

  1. Kemampuan Central Processing Unit (CPU) yang lebih rendah dibandingkan CPU yang digunakan pada perangkat wired seperti komputer.
  2. Keterbatasan ukuran memori
  3. Penghematan penggunaan daya (power) yang biasanya menggunakan batere
  4. Ukuran display yang lebih kecil dan terbatas
  5. Input device yang berbeda dengan device biasa

Disain dari informasi yang dikirimkan melalui WAP biasanya menggunakan format WML (Wireless Markup Language). WML ini mirip HTML, hanya lebih spesifik untuk perangkat nirkabel yang memiliki keterbatasan seperti di atas.

Ada yang bilang, di generasi mendatang… seluruh aplikasi mobile akan diarahkan menggunakan WAP ini. Pemotongan charging nya, berdasarkan paket data. Selain lebih simple developmentnya, penggunaannya pun lebih mudah.  Dan, diharapkan dengan adanya WAP ini, orang-orang yang nggak doyan dengan smartphone tetep bisa menikmati aplikasi seperti di smartphone melalui browser di handphone mereka. Lhooo.. enak kan….

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