shall pursue that dreams until reach it, or fail trying. they got it. its time for me to say, i’ll get it!


The nature of our lives plays a huge role in why we dream and why we have these aspirations, it presents us with things around that we would want, that we would like to be like, that we would want to be like, and because of this push from the world around us, we are forced to initiate and make up dreams of how we want our lives to be. We don’t just dream because we are unhappy with our lives, we dream because the nature of life around us ‘incites’, as the quote reads, us to look at what else we can have in our lives.

That’s impossible.

Yes it’s impossible. For them. Not for you though, because you can dream and make it real.

You can follow your dream someday ????????? ——————– Someday will never come. Follow your dream today.


A Dream Is Just A Dream If It’s Not Pursued

If you have a dream, pursue it, for a dream is just a dream if it’s not pursued. You are worthy of greatness but it can only be achieved by taking action to reach it. Never let anyone tell you that “you can’t do it.”. Be pure in your intentions. Do good deeds because it is what feels right for you, not because it’s what society expects you to do.

Terimakasih sudah membaca.... ^_^

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