What “happines” it is??

ndutty_cuantiek berkata:
i feel empty now
hard to feel happy
Saya berkata:
The key question to keep asking is, Are you spending your time on the right things? Because time is all you have
ndutty_cuantiek berkata:
i have nothing jan
Saya berkata:
what u mean with “nothing”?
ndutty_cuantiek berkata:
even time..i always waste it
i am nothing
Saya berkata:
heeyyy……..ndut ndut ndut…. u have ur self…
at least u have ur self
ndutty_cuantiek berkata:
but i have no soul
Saya berkata:
i don’t know that a soul can be gone.
ndutty_cuantiek berkata:
me too
Saya berkata:
no soul = dead
ndutty_cuantiek berkata:
Saya berkata:
but u still alife, beb
ndutty_cuantiek berkata:
Saya berkata:
may be, u just boring with ur life
ndutty_cuantiek berkata:
Saya berkata:
everybody in here hope u feel happy
ur dream come true
and i think, france is ur big dream
ndutty_cuantiek berkata:
i am tired always chasing my dream
mybe that’s not wht i need
Saya berkata:
dear…don;t be fooled
find a way to be happy….
like u did in here,
ndutty_cuantiek berkata:
that’s mybe wht i lost
Saya berkata:
its important to have specific dreams, dream big, dream without fear..
and what u have to do is just specify ur dream to be real more..and more…
if u tired enough, then just break a while…
pause, but don;t stop
heyy…. andina… where’s my big girl….??? andina with a big heart… andina with a big dream..
just think of it as time for u to take a rest…
ndutty_cuantiek berkata:
she lost
Saya berkata:
sometimes we have a hard time really focusing on what makes us happy
we often put happiness on the back burner for when we have time for it.
It all begins with being happy with who YOU are. If you are on the lookout for someone to spend the rest of your life with, then go ahead and look. It doesn’t mean you can’t live in the present moment and enjoy it too!
Loving yourself and being comfortable with ur world
cek cek cek cek…. akhirnya inggrisku lumayan nggenah juga

Terimakasih sudah membaca.... ^_^

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